5 Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

5 Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

Chances are you’ve heard cold water enthusiasts raving about the benefits of cold water immersion therapy by now. And if not, we’re about to explain exactly why it’s something you should have on your radar.

So what exactly is cold water therapy and why are so many people opting to use it for self-care, connection, and healing?

Cold water therapy is exactly that - an ability to receive the therapeutic benefits of being in cold water. From stepping foot into the bracing sea during winter to plunging in an ice bath after a breathwork session - the benefits of cold water therapy are endless.

We’ve picked our top 5 reasons for getting our bodies into cold water:

MENTAL STRENGTH: Resilience, strength, or perseverance. Whatever you want to call it, immersing yourself in cold water takes an amount of grit not everyone has at first. It takes a lot of self-talk to be able to get into a body of water so cold it can make your teeth chatter!

PHYSICAL HEALTH: From improving your blood pressure to helping fight inflammation. Research has shown that cold water exposure done consistently over time, can and will help your body heal and find its sense of balance.

FRIENDSHIPS: We (Elissa and Em) became best friends because of our love of getting into the sea. Our first friend date was on a frosty January morning when we joined a local group for meditation and a sea dip. We were hooked!

DISCONNECTION: What better way to disconnect from your phone and the outside world than with a blissful half-hour to yourself in the sea? During summer months we can find ourselves bobbing around for hours, totally disconnected from our digital responsibilities. And during winter, after a bracing quick dip in the sea, we usually spend time chatting with hot cacao on the beach. Either way, we always find a chance to embrace nature and leave the digital world behind.

NATURE: Time spent in nature is time well spent; the healing powers of being connected and grounded with Mother Earth are sometimes indescribable. For us though, our mission is to connect women to nature so they become advocates for responsible and sustainable living.

 Which reason are you doing it for?

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